A Brooklyn business owner has prominently put a note on display for the person who burglarized his coffee shop, instead of calling police. 

Abdul Elenani displayed an open letter on the front window of "Cocoa Grinder" on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge.

In the letter, Elenani says he forgives the person who broke in and stole thousands of dollars from his business on August 17. 

He says the same thing has happened to several neighborhood restaurants recently, but he decided to take a different approach.

"I thought maybe being kind to that person and showing them that listen, we love you, we care about you; if there’s anything you need, just come to me, we’ll have no problem helping you out. I’ll give you a job if you need it," said Elenani. "And if he realizes that he did do a mistake, then I think he’ll turn around and do good to everyone else, just because good was done upon him."

Elenani, who is Muslim, ended the letter with two quotes from the Prophet Muhammad calling for mercy and forgiveness.