Residents of one Brooklyn neighborhood are leading a fundraising effort for victims of the earthquake in Italy.

The Italian-American community of Bensonhurst says it's pooling its resources for those dealing with the quake's aftermath.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has also stepped in, asking local businesses to donate.

"As someone who has been very much involved in the recovery of Superstorm Sandy, I could tell you how the Italian community, organizations from Italy to here, helped so many Sandy victims," said City Councilman Mark Treyger of Brooklyn. "And really, it's our time to help such a beautiful country and beautiful people that are really in a time of need."

"This is a community effort. This came from the community people, an outpouring of calls to help out Italy and the towns that were affected," said Andrew Hoan, executive vice president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber says it's raised $5,000 so far.