A group of students got to experience the ins and outs of a TV newsroom.

The group of aspiring journalists went behind the scenes of NY1 Thursday.

It was part of the nonprofit group PENCIL's "Boss for a Day" program. It prepares students for summer internships by giving them an inside look into businesses before they get to work.   

"Connecting with adults, seeing role models and understanding that they have just as much of a place and opportunity to pursue those careers is a critically important thing for kids in New York City," said Gregg Betheil, president of PENCIL.

"I always watched NY1, and it's like, to actually be in a studio now, to see the people who make the magic behind the scenes, it's amazing," said PENCIL fellow Sekou Neiaye.

"I know how to network with people now, send emails," said PENCIL fellow Shanika Scott.

Through the PENCIL Fellows program, 450 high school students are participating in paid internships this summer.