Police are looking for the person who opened fire at a Fourth of July barbecue in Brooklyn, wounding seven young people. NY1's Michael Herzenberg filed the following report.

Samuel Weaver got shot in the lower back Monday night just after arriving at a party and thought the noise was fireworks.

"I'm on the floor my friends like we can't stay here but they're still shooting.  I'm like no they're not More shots bop bah bop.  I had to crawl, I had to crawl away from everything. I called my mother and my friend was already on the phone with 911," Weaver said.

"He was just having a good time it was a rainy day nobody thought that this was going to happen," said Weaver's father, Samuel Weaver Senior.

Weaver's father says his 19-year-old is a good kid, an innocent victim.

Police say the organizers of the barbecue in a side yard of Chauncey Street near Saratoga Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant would not let an uninvited guest inside when he opened fire.

Neighbors also thought the gunfire was caused by fireworks.

"That's scary cause even my wife was like, 'Oh you want to watch the fireworks go to the window/.' And I didn't know and she didn't know either," said one neighbor.

Some in the eighborhood say they've come to expect violence around Independence Day.

It was a particularly rough weekend. In Brooklyn, more than seven other people were also shot in several incidents. In Queens, two shootings left three people injured. And police are investigating a shooting in Manhattan and one on Staten Island.

A woman who lives on the same block as one of the shootings in Brooklyn says she stays inside on the Fourth of July to avoid bloodshed.

"It's natural on Fourth of July, that's natural for me," she said. "It's not acceptable at all you know, it's not acceptable. But anytime young people stuff always happen. I feel so sorry for them. I feel...my sympathy goes out the family I hope everybody feel better."

Despite the spike in gun violence over the weekend, shootings are down 21 in the first half of this year compared to the same time period last year.