Activists rallied in Brooklyn Wednesday, demanding justice for black women who died in police custody.

Wednesday night's protest marked one year since the death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland.

Bland was pulled over during a traffic stop in Texas and jailed after getting into a confrontation with an officer.

She was found dead in her jail cell after officials say she hung herself.

Protesters say the circumstances surrounding her case highlight the struggles many minority women face.

"To see this whole support, and all of this coming towards us, being a black female, it is hard, just as it is hard being a male. It means a lot," said one protester.

"I think a lot of people are feeling just the incredible frustration and powerlessness around everything that's happening in the country right now, and feeling like the importance of showing up, and being a physical presence, and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, especially supporting black women who are systematically targeted and killed in a way that doesn't get the attention that other things in this country do," said another.

The family of Kyam Livingston was also at the protest. Livingston died after suffering seizures in a Brooklyn holding cell nearly three years ago.