While we are expecting a bright and sunny day for the Fourth of July, the holiday weekend did get off to a wet start.

New York City got hit with a heavy downpour and strong winds Friday afternoon and evening.

There was even a tornado watch in effect for a few hours.

NY1 caught up with people in Coney Island who said the weather put a bit of a damper on their plans.

"We were so disappointed because we were all prepared to sing at karaoke and we found out it's canceled tonight because of the weather," said one person in Coney Island.

"We was out there enjoying this weather and all of a sudden, all you saw was like, 'boom.' You see lightning and everything. So it's just a surprise. I didn't expect it," said another.

"We didn't expect the rain. We just came out to have fun," said a third.

Things are looking up for the rest of the weekend. We probably won't see any rain until at least Tuesday.