The city Department of Transportation has begun installing new activity and pedestrian flow zones in Times Square.

The zones are part of an effort to move costumed characters and topless painted women to specific areas where they will be able to pose for pictures and collect tips.

The three zones include a blue area called the "activity zone" for vendors and performers.; a green area known as the "chill zone," with tables and chairs; and a purple zone, dubbed "the express lanes", for pedestrians.

Most people who spoke with NY1 say they welcome the changes.

"I guess if that helps with the tourists and alleviates some of the traffic that can be good," said one passerby.

"I know now that they can't really force people to tip them so it's good for people to walk by if they want or engage with them and take photos and tip them if they'd like to," said another passerby.

"I would say it's an improvement. Obviously the rest of the area is to walk around. But still, I think they'll find their way," noted a third Times Square pedestrian.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill that allows the Transportation Department to regulate activity in pedestrian plazas around the city.