Tuesday was a milestone for the 1.1 million students in the city's public schools - the last day of classes. NY1's Roger Clark filed the following report.

It's a day many kids at Russell Sage Junior High School 190 have been waiting for since September.

"No homework. We get to relax in our bed. I don't have to wake up early anymore," said student Keayanna Edouard.

She really doesn't. That's because classes are done for public school kids in town. So from neighborhoods like Inwood and Harlem to Forest Hills, it was all about saying goodbye to the books and hello to summer fun, though the final day was bittersweet for these graduates moving on to high school in September.

"It's a weird feeling because I'm so used to coming here every day, and now we have to go somewhere else, and we are going to miss all of those teachers and stuff like that," said student Theodora Anderson.

"I'm very sad, very sad. I'm missing all my friends because everyone's going away. But a new chapter in your life, it's a great feeling," said student Massiel Martinez.

Principal Marilyn Price Grant was there to wish a happy summer to her students and comfort nervous eight graders heading off to high school. She says they are always welcome to come back and visit.

"I feel that we have given them a good foundation so that they are prepared for whatever challenges they face," Grant said.

While summer vacation couldn't come soon enough for many students, more than a few admitted not showing up here five days a week for two months will be an adjustment.

"I've been making a lot of new friends, and I am really going to miss this school for another two months," said student Dante Meza.

That said, lots of fun stuff awaits these sixth, seventh and eighth graders in the coming weeks.

Meza: We're going to Ecuador.
Clark: Ecuador. Oh, that sounds like fun. What's going on there?
Meza: We're going to the Galápagos Islands.

Martinez: I'm hanging out with my friends and trying to catch up to get used to going to high school.
Clark: No trips, no beach?
Martinez: Yeah, the beach, the pool, obviously. I'm excited.

The fun and frolic may have to wait for students who need to go to summer school. That begins next week. Otherwise, public school students are expected back in the classroom on September 8.