Brooklyn Borough Hall was wrapped in the colors of the rainbow Friday as a show of solidarity with the Orlando shooting victims.

Elected officials and activists draped an 800-foot rainbow ribbon around the building.

The banner was covered with messages of support from thousands of Brooklynites.

Officials also honored two Brooklyn natives killed in the terror attack: Enrique Rios and Brenda Lee Marquez McCool.

"We feel the pain of the people of Orlando, Florida," Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said. "When someone goes in a takes the life of innocent people because of their decision to love, Brooklyn must lead the way to say, 'We will not surrender to hate, we will not surrender to bigotry, we will not surrender the forward mobility that we have accomplished about allowing people to love who they want to love.'"

Officials said the ribbon will be displayed through the end of June.

Sections of it are slated to then be delivered to the families of the Orlando shooting victims.