Beer lovers in Queens now have a go-to-guide to help them find some of the best brews in the borough.

The Queens Beer Book is back for a second year. It showcases more than 30 beers at more than 30 of the best bars, breweries and beer-centric eateries across Queens.

Brooklyn has had its own similar beer book for a few years. Publishers say they're ready to show off what Queens has to offer.

"The beer scene in Queens is exploding , so right now you have at least a half dozen breweries in Long Island City alone, said Josh Schneps , QNS.Com Co-Publisher.

"The criteria first of all is having great beer. That means beers that are made locally, made regionally. Things other than the normal kind of Budweiser , Budlight, says Queens Beer Book Curator Catherine Wolinski.

The book can be purchased online for $30.00. It's good for one year. For more information visit