Rock climbing, kayaking and yoga might not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Central Park. However, thousands of New Yorkers did all that — and more on Saturday. Our Matt McClure was there.

From Zumba classes, to rock climbing, more than 25,000 people were on hand in Central Park Saturday for the 12th annual Adventures NYC.

The City's Parks Department calls it one of the country’s largest urban adventure playgrounds.

"Our whole mission behind this event is really trying to bring something to New Yorkers, an experience that they normally wouldn't be able to," said Venus Melo with the Parks Department. "But also to be more connected to parks and understand how they can utilize parks."

Kayakers took over Turtle Lake, while others gathered for yoga at the band shell.

Twelve-year-old Elijah Hunt says his favorite part is just being outdoors.

"The fact that everybody's just here to have a good time and just to explore nature and activities that you can do that can help you develop as a human being," Hunt said.

"I was just on a run, and I was like, wait, is that a pool in the middle of Central Park?!" said Audrey Kingsley.

After that caught her eye, Kingsley says she hopped right in to try paddle boarding. And she challenged our Matt McClure to do the same, offering a few pointers.

"Keep your center of gravity, like, in the middle of the board," Kingsley said. "And don't wimp out and let the guy hold the back of the board. You gotta be on your own.

"If I watch NY1 and I see you with some guy holding the back of the board, I'm gonna switch channels!"

"With a challenge like that, I couldn't resist," McClure said. "So Audrey, challenge answered! Here I am; I am on a paddleboard. No hands, look mom, no hands! Nobody's holding onto it. This is all me. So, see, I answered your challenge! Now maybe I'll stand up at some point."

Actually, it only took a couple of minutes before McClure got the hang of it, and he was able to stand up on the board without falling in.