A local community is shooting hoops to raise money for cancer.

The Maspeth High School Argonauts brought the 104th Precinct from the streets to the basketball court Saturday to raise money for Relay for Life. The precinct and the school's Future Doctors club will both be at this year's Relay.

The cops wore the last name of a fellow officer who died from cancer two months ago on the back of their shirts.

Both teams said that Saturday wasn't about which team got the most points.

“Win or lose, it's the Cancer Society and going for a cure, that's the real people that are going to win,” said Capt. Mark Wachter of the 104th Precinct.

“It's pretty fun,” added Magdalena Jankowski of the Maspeth High School Future Doctors Club. “I mean a competition against the cops and we're both working towards the same Relay, so it would be perfect if we both have a little competition, but at the end we both win at the Relay.”

The Middle Village Relay for Life is June 11th at Juniper Valley Park.