Some of Brooklyn's World War II veterans are being honored for their service this Memorial Day weekend.

About two dozen veterans gathered at the Brooklyn War Memorial in Cadman Plaza on Sunday to pay tribute to those who died while serving in the armed forces.

Officials say more than 11,000 Brooklyn residents died in World War II.

Veterans we spoke to say these ceremonies grow more significant with each passing year.

"It gives me pride that when I was in the Navy, I was 18, 19 years old," said WWII veteran Arthur Grabiner. "I was very stupid, I thought I’m gonna live forever, nothing’s gonna happen. Now I have wisdom. So, these things bring back old memories.

"Oh, it’s great that they recognize what the veterans did for us and what we’re still doing," said WWII veteran David Glass. "I’m active at the VA Hospital, we have a lot of veterans there that still help the people coming back from all over, so we never forget the veterans. Never forget."

Organizers say the Brooklyn War Memorial is the only World War II memorial left in the city.