A local sports tech company is changing the way amateur Staten Island athletes and teams get active. NY1's Natalie Duddridge has the story.

A few years ago, Alex Aleksandrovski was looking for a local sports team to join but he couldn't find an opening anywhere.

"It's a headache. It is hard. We called a bunch of places. Registration was over," said Aleksandrovski, the CEO of Wooter. "We decided it's a problem we have to solve."

That's why he decided to create Wooter, a sports tech company based on Staten Island, connecting people who want to play amateur sports with local teams, coaches, trainers, leagues, and facilities.

"I always dreamed of being a pro," said Dylan Fuscl, Wooter's head commissioner. "I wanted to create a league that felt like a pro."

That's the next goal. Wooter wants to make amateur players feel like pros.

To do that every member gets a player profile that tracks his or her game highlights and statistics, just like you'd see for your favorite athlete on TV.

"If I had a good game I want to tell my friend about it, and he doesn't believe me," Fuscl said. "I have the stats to prove it now."

Wooter has linked up with several local Island leagues and teams. Each one pays membership fee, and in return Wooter sends out a videographer and statistician.

"Hopefully in a few years you won't need to have a commissioner doing the schedule, you won't need to have someone to bring players together, and our technology will do that themselves, kind of like Uber for sports," Aleksandrovski said.