City street vendors are calling on lawmakers to boost the city's cap on permits.

Vendors and advocates came together in TriBeCa asking for an increase in the number of licenses and permits available to those who want to sell food and other goods on city streets. There are currently 5,100 in the city at a cost of $200 every two years.

Because of the cap, advocates say the demand outweighs availability, driving people to turn to the black market for as much as $25,000.

"A lot of folks are also working without a permit. They're risking $1,000 tickets. They're risking arrests because they're trying to feed their families. So we're saying that the city should give more permits, should end the black market and should support the right to work and really celebrate street vending in New York City," said Elise Goldin, senior organizer of the Street Vendor Project.

The New York City Hospitality Alliance says eliminating the permit cap would cause conflict between vendors and restaurants around the city.