A local politician continued her efforts on Friday to bring a light rail system to central Queens.

City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley invited Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez on a tour her district in an attempt to illustrate the area's needs for additional mass transit options.

"The average commute in my district is over forty minutes to work and that is, in some places, sometimes it's just from getting from one part of queens to another part of queens. It's not always to get to Manhattan," said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley (D-Queens).

During the tour, Crowley spoke with Rodriguez and other residents about the possibility of bringing a light rail system to the area.

Since last summer, Crowley has been pushing for the creation of commuter train service that would connect Central Queens to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Crowley has suggested that the MTA could use already active rail lines, currently used to carry freights, to make it happen and Council Member Rodriguez agrees it's a possibility.

"It doesn't take you know the billions of dollars that is usually needed when a new train system is created. The infrastructure is here. It's in place," said Rodriguez.

Crowley is currently pushing for an MTA study on her light rail proposal.