Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in Brooklyn in Thursday's Democratic primary debate, co-hosted by TWC News/NY1.  Follow along here and leave your comments below or on Twitter using hashtag #NYDebate.

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11:06 P.M.

Clinton's closing statement: "New York, I've worked my heart out for you and I'll continue to do so...We won't make promises we can't keep; we'll improve the lives of people in New York and beyond."

And that's a wrap. 

11:03 P.M.

Sanders' closing statement: "I disagree with Secretary Clinton's idea that you can take money from Wall Street and the Super PACs and then stand up to them...We need a government that works for all of us and not just the one percent.  With your help we're going to win New York."

10:54 P.M.

Dana Bash to Sanders: "Do you vow to take this fight to the floor of the convention?"

Sanders: "I really think we're going to win outright." 

10:53 P.M.

Clinton, to cheers, says that she welcomes the political involvement of young people who support Senator Sanders, but that she hopes that the party unites around the eventual nominee.

10:49 P.M.

Asked by Dana Bash, "Are you a Democratic?" Sanders, a long-time Independent, says to cheers that he is, and that "there are a lot of independents in the Democratic Party."

10:47 P.M.

In response to a question about whether the candidates would support Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, both candidates tout their support of Roe v. Wade and their opposition to Citizens United. 

10:36 P.M.

Clinton questions Sanders' plan for universal healthcare and free college: "My father said when someone offers you something for free, read the fine print."

Sanders' response: "Then Secretary Clinton is going to have to explain to the country why we can't do what so many other countries in the world do."

10:18 P.M.

On the topic of Israel, Sanders receives cheers when he says the Palestinians have to be respected in the peace process.  

Clinton: "It's easy to diagnose the problem, but it's harder to come up with solutions."

10:12 P.M.

Donald Trump gets a rare mention -- to boos -- when Wolf Blitzer asks Sanders if he agrees with the GOP front-runner's concerns about NATO's effectiveness.  "You'd have to ask Trump," Sanders says, but says, "I would ask NATO members to do their fair share." 

10:04 P.M.

Asked by Errol Louis how to transition the country away from fossil fuels, Sanders says he supports the use of solar rooftops and a rededication to rail travel.  

9:58 P.M.

After a break, the candidates tackle the issue of preserving the environment. Clinton gets boos for having promoted fracking in the past, but when questioned about why she's against it now, says, "It was American policy to use natural gas to get out from under the use of coal, but it's only a bridge until we get to clean energy."  

Sanders, to cheers, says "Short term solutions should not be pursued at the expense of the environment."

9:45 P.M.

In response to a question about crime, Clinton uses the phrase "super-predator," and Sanders says, "That's racist."  The two then go on to call for revised drug laws and more educational funding.

9:38 P.M.

Sanders gets scattered boos in responding to assertions that he doesn't favor holding gun manufacturers liable for the use of their products, saying that if a rural gun shop sells a gun to someone who then uses it in a crime, they shouldn't be held liable.

9:34 P.M.

Blitzer asks Clinton about gun violence.

Clinton, raising her voice: "Gun violence is a series problem.  Senator Sanders wants to hold Wall Street responsible -- well, we need to hold the gun manufacturers responsible."  More cheers from the audience.

9:18 P.M.

Dana Bash asks Clinton about her paid speeches for Wall Street executives: "If there's nothing in those speeches, why not release them?"

Clinton: "As I've said, if everybody agrees to do it, I'll do it."

Sanders, in response: "I'll do it.  I'll release all of the speeches I've made to Wall Street.  And there were no speeches."  Big cheers.

9:04 P.M.

Both candidates take the stage to raucous cheers from the crowd.  

Sanders' opening statement: "I want to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the one percent."  

Clinton: "I want to build on the values that we share here in New York and take them to Washington."

9:00 P.M.

We've live from the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  Wolf Blitzer introduces panelists Errol Louis from NY1 and CNN's Dana Bash, then Broadway's Morgan James sings the national anthem.