Parents, students, and legislators took part in a march-in Thursday as part of a national call for better public school funding.

Protesters at four different schools are calling for a nearly $3 billion increase in state aid.

The demonstration was organized by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which says more than 800 schools around the country have taken part so far.

The Alliance for Quality Education says the state already owes city schools more than $2 billion from a lawsuit from 20 years ago.

They say the state started paying, but then stopped and refused to pay anymore.

Education advocates who spoke with NY1 say the lack of funds is taking its toll.

"They're suffering all over the place and not only so far as overcrowding but lack of supplies, arts programs, music programs, after school programs. All of the things that our children need," said Robert Jackson, an education advocate.

"You have kids who have special needs receiving their therapeutic services in the hallways because there isn't enough space. They're lucky if they're doing it in a closet. And this is just something that should not happen," said District 6 President's Council President Johanna Garcia.

Advocacy Group New Yorkers for Student  Education Reform has filed a lawsuit against the state to get it to pay what's owed.

The state is trying to get it dismissed.