Community leaders gathered in what is known as Brooklyn's Little Pakistan neighborhood  Monday to condemn the violence in Lahore, Pakistan after yesterday's deadly bombing in a crowded park there.

"It's not a Christian attack, it's not a Muslim attack, it's an attack of Pakistani people, and it's an attack on humanity, and we are not going to allow the evil minds of people to divide us along religious grounds," said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

"We are here to show and tell all those evil minds, and evil souls, and evil groups, that we will not give up and we will fight back," said Waheed Akthter of the NYPD Muslim Officer Society.

"It's important that when something happens anywhere around the world that all religions, all cultures, and all people and all of us in the community come together as one and condemn that violence," said Mark Meyer Appel with The Bridge Multicultural and Advocacy Project.

Activists say their goal is to help promote peace and unity.