Kossar's Bagels and Bialys is back in business, just in time to celebrate its 80th anniversary.

The Lower East Side shop had its grand reopening Friday morning after four months of renovations.

Kossar's is famous for its bialys, which are filled, round rolls that are similar to bagels.

But instead of a hole in the middle, bialys are filled with toppings like onions, garlic, or tomatoes.

"It just needed to be totally rebuilt, refreshed and expanded," said Kossar's owner, Evan Giniger. "Before we closed, you could not buy a bagel with a shmear or a sandwich of any type here. It was just bulk bagels, dry bialys, dry bagels."

"Now you come in, you can get a sandwich with cream cheese, you can get eggs, you can get fish, you can get anything that you can get in a regular bagel store now," he added.

Kossar's is located at 367 Grand Street.