Tenants at a pair of apartment buildings in Harlem are speaking out against what they say is discrimination when it comes to heating.

Residents at 1845 and 1851 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard near West 113th Street plan to hold a press conference Sunday to address disparities in heating conditions.

Condos in the buildings valued at a million dollars are equipped with new plastic heaters that work well.

But rent-stabilized tenants who pay between $900 and $1,000 a month in rent say their radiators constantly leak and burst, with four exploding in the last three days.

They say they've voiced their complaints, but the building's owner has ignored their concerns.

"It seems to be a discriminatory arrangement where some folks are getting the best and other are getting less than the less," said State Senator Bill Perkins.

"We've dealt with this, we've lived with this, we've withstood loss of property, loss of irreplaceable items, photographs, record albums, artwork, loss of days from work, and just by the grace of God no one has been physically injured," said tenant Cordell Cleare.

Sources from the Department of Housing and Preservation says inspectors found the buildings' boiler system to be the source of the problem, and will continue to monitor progress as repairs are made.