Beyoncé's stylist Ty Hunter wears many hats. He's a fashion director, social media influencer and entrepreneur. 

He even has his own emoji. Now the Texas native known as the "selfie king" is taking his nickname to a new level. 

Hunter says you need only three things to take the perfect selfie and number one is good lighting. That's why he created this smartphone case.

"The Ty-Lite. It has three light settings, so you can find the light for what you need for where you are."

Here's how the settings work.

"First there's cool. Then there's warm. Then there's brilliant, is mix of the two, it's warm and cool," Hunter added.

Once you've got your lighting down. Hunter says you have to think about step two: angles.

"Don't have the same angle. Don't be in your photos with the same angle like this all the time. Find what works for you. I have three. Get three at least."

And don't worry about how many likes your selfies get. Hunter says it's more important that you love yourself.

"No matter the lighting, you could have a Ty-Lite but it's internally - if you don't feel good on the inside you will never have the perfect selfie."

You can buy a Ty-Lite at the StarShop Pop Up store through February 14th located at 118 Orchard Street or online at

Currently the cases are available for iPhones and cost $79.99. You can get 20 percent off during the month of February using the code Take20.