Some upper Manhattan residents expressed concerns Friday about brown water coming from their faucets, but the city is reassuring residents that the water supply is safe.  

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez says the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Washington Heights experienced a water leak Friday, causing an emergency shutdown. He says that's what's causing the brown water in some parts of the neighborhood.

City Councilman Mark Levine says while the water is safe, it's an inconvenience to New Yorkers who may be snowed in this weekend.

"There was some backflow, which led to sediment entering the water system. Brown water's been coming out of homes 155th Street North all afternoon and evening. It's starting to get lighter," Levine said. "DEP assures us it's safe, but I'll show you what the water looks like in my apartment. At this point, it's a light brown. It was much darker a few hours ago. I don't think anyone would want to drink this."

Levine says some stores in the area have run out of bottled water as residents prepare for the storm.

Meanwhile, the DEP says crews are still working on flushing out the water.