After starting halfway around the world the Mother's Love Art Gallery arrived Sunday in Brooklyn for its grand opening.

The gallery, hosted by World Mission Society Church of God, started in South Korea in 2013.

It includes more than 100 works of photography, paintings, sculpture and literature around the theme of unconditional love and the sacrifice of mothers from various cultures.

"What's really also very special about this art exhibit is not just obviously the physical love that we see, but it even transitions to a spiritual context. Questioning, you know, what is the origin of a mother's love," said Exhibit Coordinator Alexandra Lee.

"I live about 1,500 miles from my mother so I thought I'd come and view the gallery and kinda get a new perspective or maybe a new understanding about mother's love," said one attendee.

The gallery will be on display at 15 West 39th Street in Manhattan until March 13.

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