Intelligence officials found no evidence of any threats on American soil following the attacks in Paris. But the NYPD has stepped up patrols and added security measures have been put into place citywide. NY1's Na'eem Douglas has that part of the story.

The NYPD is on full alert after attacks in Paris killed 129 people.

Officials say there are no known additional threats toward New York City, but they are taking precautions by stationing extra officers throughout the city. 

 Police made its presence known at Times Square, one of the city's busiest areas, and a magnet for tourists.

"You probably need strong police presence from now on," said one tourist Saturday.

"As far as people attempting to do what they want to do all you can do is be aware and have trust in people that are supposed to protect us," said a commuter.

Those people — the NYPD — turned up the protection all the way on Staten Island and in the heart of the village, at West 4th Street station, with its bomb detection unit. 

"Hubs are big," said NYPD Inspector Phil Van Gostein. "A lot of people. A lot of trains.

"A lot of trains come in. They change on the train. Things like that."

The random searches are voluntary, so to speak, but if you declined, you weren't allowed in the station.

Straphangers say it's an unfortunate necessity.

"It's needed this time, so it's understandable," said one transit rider. "I might as well feel more protected, I have no problem."

Meanwhile, above ground the vigilance continued as thousands descended on Washington Square park for a peace rally. And on the Upper East Side at the French consulate it continued. 

Officers were in tactical gear with high power rifles and K-9 units as the outpouring of American support grows with candles flowers and an occasional prayer.

For those attending Sunday's Giants game, security will be tighter, not just at Met Life Stadium, but all across the country. Officials are asking people to not bring any bags to the game.