The death of a Queens man crushed by an elevator in Brooklyn early Friday morning has been ruled an accident.

It happened around 4 a.m. inside an apartment building located at 156 Hope Street.

Investigators say the elevator doors never fully closed when the victim, Eran Modan, 37, and at least four others got on.

When it stopped moving, the man tried to climb out but the elevator jerked around and crushed him.

The city medical examiner's office says Modan's death resulted from blunt force injuries to the torso and neck.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the elevator malfunction.

"The only thing that I know that I can comment on is that we think the elevator was adjusting or leveling, and we're speculating right now - as I said, it is under investigation - it's possible that it may have been overloaded and the car was reacting in a way that was not predictable," said Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler.

The commissioner also noted that the building is fairly new, completed in 2010. There were no construction projects or work being done on the elevator at the time of the accident.