Community members and city officials came together to call for the return of a bus route in Brooklyn.

The B71 bus connecting the Columbia Street Waterfront to Crown Heights was discontinued in 2010 as part of a restructuring plan.

The MTA says at the time it was discontinued, it ranked eighth-lowest in total citywide ridership.

Residents say seniors and people with disabilities were affected the most by the changes.

Those NY1 spoke with demanded the route's return.

"I am 77. I need the connection from one community to the other, and so do many other people, my age, younger, older," said one community member at the rally.

"We need to go across the middle," said another. "They took out the only link we had."

"More buses is less cars, and people don't move to Brooklyn to own a car. People live in Brooklyn because we have mass transit, and we need to make it better and not worse," said a third.

"The subway's a bit hard for me with the steps. So that would be a blessing," said a fourth. "I would be able to venture."

MTA officials encourage bus riders to take the B61 and B65 as an alternative after those routes were extended.

Officials at the rally say they will keep fighting to bring the service back.