A Long Island City park welcomes more than a dozen new outdoor art installations. NY1's Shannan Ferry filed the following report.

David Horvitz is testing out his latest piece of interactive artwork.  A series of wind chimes hanging in the trees, based on notes from a folk lullaby.

"Like, music is something that you experience in time, but I'm trying to put it in like a spatial setting," explained Horvitz.

Horvitz's composition was one of fifteen new art installations unveiled Sunday at Socrates Sculpture Park.  The park is widely known for it's rotating display of outdoor sculptures and large-scale complex pieces. 

"People encounter work here in different sort of way than say, at a museum or a gallery where they know it's art," said John Hatfield, who is the Executive Director of the park.

The new pieces were selected as part of an emerging artist fellowship.  

Roger Sayre and Charlotte Becket drew inspiration for their sculpture from local bodegas.

"We decided to, build a small business that had been tipped over as a response to the economy, but also as a way of being playful," explained Becket.

Four of these new art installations are interactive.  One of them is called Active Turn, and viewers have to turn a wheel in order to view the image inside.

"They'll see, uh the horizon line that they see from standing right in front of the sculpture of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan behind it, the skyline slightly dissolves down into just an open horizon line of the Atlantic Ocean," explained Freya Powell, who created the piece.

Even pieces without an interactive component are still hands-on.  Visitors are permitted to climb on the artwork.

"A lot of these museums you go to and you can't touch anything - so this is our favorite," said Jeffrey McInnis, who lives in Long Island City.

The new installations will be on display through March 2016.