In the final installment of our exclusive NY1/Baruch College City Poll, we look at whether New Yorkers are excited about Pope Francis' visit and whether they will try to see him during his quick two-day tour. Courtney Gross filed the following report.

Pope Francis has had a warm welcome in the United States. But do New Yorkers feel the same way?

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you probably never see in another 20 years, maybe. So it's good to go through it and see what's going on, how New York handles it," said one New Yorker.

"I am not a huge Catholic person, so it doesn't really affect me," said another.

According to our exclusive NY1/Baruch College City Poll, almost half of New York City adults do not have any particular feelings about the pope's visit. 27 percent said they were happy about it and another 12 percent said they were excited. 6 percent said they had mixed feelings.

Not surprisingly, Catholic New Yorkers were more likely to care about the pontiff's first trip to the five boroughs.

"A majority of Catholics are either happy or excited, with Hispanic Catholics being more likely to say that they were excited," said Mickey Blum, a pollster with Baruch College.

A tiny fraction told us they were irritated by the pope's visit, perhaps a reference to the long list of street closures.

"I think you're asking for trouble if you try to drive a car around," said one New Yorker.

Almost half of city residents said they were following the news about the pope's visit, but few were planning to try to see Pope Francis while he is here.

"I may go and see him later at St. Patrick's, but it's going to be so crowded," said one New Yorker.

"I don't like crowds, but I'll see him on TV," said another.

"It's going to be pretty hard to try and see him," said a third. "It's going to be very crowded."

81 percent of New Yorkers said they were not planning to see the pope in person. Only 17 percent said they were going to try.

Pope Francis will be in New York for less than 42 hours, and all of his scheduled public events are ticketed, which means it could be difficult to see him while he is here.

"I have two tickets," said one New Yorker. "My husband and will be here tomorrow. We are very excited."

So are many others.