The so-called "Pope Cookie" is making a comeback for Pope Francis' trip to the city later this month.

Artuso Bakery in the Bronx debuted the treats back in 2008, when Pope Benedict XVI held a special mass at Yankee Stadium.

The cookies were brought back two years ago, when Pope Benedict resigned, and again a month later, when Pope Francis took over.

With the pontiff making his first trip to the U.S. in a few weeks, the cookies are in high demand.

Natalia Corridori, manager, Artuso Bakery: Full production. We're in the tens of thousands in orders right now.
Q: Tens of thousands?
Corridori: Yes. Actually, we just got an order from Florida for 10,000 cookies for the week that the pope will be here."

"A little way to contribute to helping them make this world a better place to live. Teamwork. To stimulate people's spiritual lives," said Joseph Artuso, owner of Artuso Bakery.

Artuso said he thinks the pope would enjoy the cookies, if he ever gets the chance to try them.