State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson wants a special prosecutor to investigate an undercover gun bust that resulted in the shooting death of an innocent bystander last week.

Felix Kumi, 61, was killed Friday afternoon in Mount Vernon after a man pulled a gun on an undercover NYPD officer trying to buy an illegal fiream.

The officer opened fire on the man -- identified as 28-year-old Jeffrey Aristy -- striking him three times.

Another bullet hit Kumi in the torso.

He later died at the hospital.

Aristy was treated for his gunshot wounds.

He and his wife, along with a third man, were arraigned Sunday on several charges including criminal possession of a firearm.

Senator Hassell-Thompson is asking Governor Cuomo to see if this case falls within an executive order he issued last month.

It appoints State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as the special prosecutor in cases where police are involved in the death of an unarmed civilian.

Goverrnor Andrew Cuomo has not commented on this request.

With the proximity of Mt. Vernon to the city, Hassell-Thompson says she's suggested to Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD that they notify Mount Vernon police whenever they're staging buy-and-bust operations within Mount Vernon jurisdiction.