Citi Bike thefts are pedaling uphill across the city.

The New York City Police Department says 476 Citi Bikes have been stolen so far this year, compared with 300 in all of last year.

Manhattan saw a 100 percent jump in thefts.

Riders can be held responsible for the missing bike, which has a $1,200 price tag.

In a statement, the company is downplaying the thefts and says it's able to recover most of its lost bicycles quickly.

The company adds, "The vast majority of Citi Bike bikes that go missing from the system are returned in 24 hours. If a member does not return a bike within four hours we send an automated warning...and strongly remind our customers that it is their responsibility to dock properly..."

Most of the robberies happen when riders fail to properly dock the bikes or leave them unattended to run an errand.

"I feel confident it's mechanically locked, I can walk away content, but when you double check it, sometimes I've actually put it in, and it denied me docking it, so I look for another empty spot, that's all," said one Citi Bike user.

"I think it's gotten better though in the last, I guess this summer. Usually it was like every fifth one wouldn't return and now maybe every 10," said another Citi Bike user.

Citi Bike offers an email alert that confirms when a bicycle is docked correctly.