Talented athletes took their skills to the canvas.

Athletes for Art Renaissance Tour aims to debunk the myth that a top player can't be a gifted artist too.

Their showcase in Chelsea displays work from former professional and collegiate athletes who are excelling in the art world.

"Athletes are more than just physical specimens they actually have an intellectual side,” said Jumoke Mendez, founder of Athletes for Art Renaissance Tour. “Some of them are architects, some of them are artists, some of them are into culinary, film, photography, so there's many things that these guys are doing.”

“In basketball, the game is instinctive, it's creative, it's a flow to the game, it's very mental, you kind of see things before things happen if you're gonna be some of the good players - and art is the same thing, you have to work off of instinct," says Desmond Mason, a former NBA player.

The show is headed to Miami in December for "Art Basel,” one of the world's top art shows.