It's all sweat and smiles at one Manhattan gym.

Throwback Fitness in Midtown is offering classes where people play childhood games as part of their workout.  

Dodgeball is just one of the games on the agenda.

Participants have to complete a series of exercises before they can throw a ball. 

The gym's owners used to work together in finance, but took a different route when their usual workouts weren't getting the job done.

"We started making our workouts into games, and team and competitive-based workouts. And that kind of really took with people," said Throwback Fitness Co-founder Ryan Wilke.

"We want people to come in and take them back to their gym class and recess days, without the anxiety of being the last picked in gym class. So we try to keep it fun and distract them from the fact that they're working out, but get them a good workout in the process," said Throwback Fitness Co-founder Brian Gallagher.

Throwback Fitness also offers workouts with water guns, relay races, and capture the flag.

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