Thousands of free meals are being given away to New Yorkers in need Wednesday.

"Everybody Eats" is handing out hot meals in all five boroughs. 

The effort is run by the non profit Art of Men with help from local community groups in each borough.  

Wednesday's menu featured chicken, smoked eggplant and a chickpea and roasted pepper salad - all donated and prepared by Michael Scott Events.

Art of Men pairs up volunteers with projects that match their expertise and interests.

"In this country about 75 percent of the volunteers are women. So that means we have this huge untapped demographic of men who I think want to get out and do things but don't necessarily know how to do it. So I created the Art of Men and people tell us by entering, joining our organization about their skills, their interests, what they really like to do and we have literally hundreds of projects in our database and we match them," said Art of Men founder Art Gurwitz.

"Since I was a boy and coming up in the business, I've always been taught that giving back is very important," said Michael Scott Events owner Michael Waiser.

Art of Men is also open to women. To learn more, check out