A new resource is now available for residents struggling to put food on the table. 

The City's Department of Probation launched its "NeON" Nutrition Kitchen Monday at its Tompkinsville office. 

Once a week, clients will have the opportunity to pick-up groceries and fresh produce. 

They will also learn how to use those ingredients to cook-up nutritious meals during monthly workshops.  

D-O-P leaders say the program will help them keep their clients on the right track. 

"Ensuring that people are both not you know committing harm as well as being in harm's way but also being healthy and getting some opportunities to be out of the system permanently," said DOP Commissioner Ana M. Bermudez.

"You come, you learn new things you know you try something you like and then you cook for your family," said Rosebank Resident Maryann Perez.

The program is also available to the general public during certain times. 

For more information, go to nyc.gov/probation