The borough's many bridges are being celebrated as part of a local art exhibit.

Paintings and collages of the Verrazano, the Goethals and the Bayonne Bridges are part of a new display at the Noble Maritime Collection in Snug Harbor.

Visitors can see the work of Brooklyn-based artist - known simply as Bascove, through July. She got the elements for the exhibit entitled, "Transporting the Metropolis" by asking collectors to participate.

"I find a lot of New Yorkers describe their bridges as the bridges in their neighborhood, are the bridges they go over very often," said Bascove.

"Bridges are an integral part of the Harbor, and her work really highlights how beautiful these structures are," said Ciro Galeno who is the Assistant Director of the Noble Maritime Collection.

Bascove's exhibit coincides with the partial reconstruction of Bayonne Bridge and the recent 50th anniversary of the Verrazano Bridge.