The mother of Eric Garner has released a video message to Governor Andrew Cuomo, calling on him to keep his promise to appoint a special prosecutor for police killings.

Last week, Cuomo announced he would appoint that prosecutor for only a year and only in cases where police kill someone who's unarmed.

Gwen Carr says the prosecutor should be appointed in all cases without conditions.

"An executive order that limits the cases a special prosecutor handles and only lasts for one year is not the commitment that you made to me and the other New York families who lost their loved ones to police killings," Carr says in the video. "Sign the right executive order for a special prosecutor, one that investigates all police killings and doesn't end after one year."

Carr says the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing agrees with her.

NY1 has reached out to the governor's office but has not received a response so far.