A new report has uncovered major gaps in access to translation and interpretation services for immigrant parents in city schools.

The New York Immigration Coalition says that almost half of city students speak a different language at home.

And according to their latest survey, a language barrier is preventing many of them from engaging in their child's education.

"I want to understand 100 percent of what's going on at my child's school with her education," one parent said.

"Parents have a right to translation and interpretation services. Translation and interpretation services should be available in, at least, the top nine languages in New York City," said Amja Midha, project director for Advocates for Children of New York.

Of the 200 parents surveyed, half say they are missing critical information because it’s not translated or because they don't have an interpreter.

Nearly 30 percent say they didn't know schools are supposed to offer those services. 

The New York Immigration Coalition is calling on the Department of Education to come up with a solution.