He was one of the most powerful men in state government, but now, Dean Skelos, the now former majority leader of the State Senate, faces a six-count federal indictment. Skelos was back in court on Monday. NY1's Courtney Gross filed this report.

Father and son exited federal court Monday.

Dean Skelos was once one of the most powerful man in state government—leading the state senate for more than four years.

On Monday, Skelos pleaded not guilty to a six-count federal indictment, claiming the former majority leader used that powerful position to direct business to his son.

Senator Dean Skelos is charged with extortion and soliciting bribes. Federal prosecutors say Skelos directed companies with business before the state to send their own business to his son, Adam Skelos, seen beside his father after they were both arrested earlier this year.

Prosecutors say the younger Skelos ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in so-called commissions from his father's campaign donors or companies with business at the state capitol.

Adam Skelos also pleaded not guilty on Monday.

Neither Skelos would address the media outside of federal court.

"We are just not going to say anything beyond what we said in the courtroom. Thanks," said Skelos’ attorney, Robert Gage.

In the courtroom, federal prosecutors revealed the massive amount of evidence in the case.

The government tapped the former majority leader's cell phone for two and half months before his arrest. His son's primary cell phone was tapped for four months—a secondary phone was tapped for a month.

All told there are about 2,400 audio files.

Prosecutors say their evidence also includes millions of pages of documents and thousands of emails. 

Because of the volume of evidence, prosecutors say they do not think the case will be ready for trial until early next year.

Skelos and his son are due back in federal court in July.