Dozens of musicians are hoping commuters will walk to the beat of their drum.

Solo artists and groups turned out to audition for the Music Under New York program in the subway. 

The audition is just one part of the months-long, highly-competitive process which aims to bring new talent underground. 

Hopefuls are given five minutes of play-time, and are reviewed by a panel of judges who have expertise in music and performing arts.

"We are looking for that diverse mix, whether its world music, or classical music, or folk singing, something that grabs you and stops you for a second, or makes you walk by and have a great day," says judge Nicola.

"The ideal performer is somebody that is part of the city—can be from out of town, but forms the melting pot," says judge Ernesto Gomez.

"We've had such good experiences performing in the streets and in the subway. You always meet a lot of people. You make great connections," says performer Kevin Nathaniel.

The performers work dozens of subway stations citywide.

About 20 musicians will be added to the roster.