As crews in Philadelphia try to get to the bottom of the deadly Amtrak derailment, Mayor Bill de Blasio is joining lawmakers in Washington to talk about transportation funding.

The mayor laid out his 13 point progressive agenda in front of the Capitol building Tuesday.

It includes a $15 minimum wage, tax reform, and blocking trade deals that help corporations.

De Blasio says calls for change are growing louder.

"We're hearing the voices of people - everyday people all over this country.  Last month, we saw demonstrations in 200 cities across this country for a $15 minimum wage. Something is changing in America, it's time to take that energy and crystalize it into an agenda that will make a difference," De Blasio said.

The mayor attended another event Tuesday featuring Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren - one of the nation's most well-known progressives.

After wrapping up his trip to Washington, the mayor is headed to California, where he will attend a fundraiser and deliver two speeches.

He's expected to return to the city on Saturday.