Passover is being celebrated across the city, and a famous Manhattan deli is hosting those who are far away from home. 

Katz's Deli welcomed 70 people in their 20s and 30s for their own Seder dinner in the back of the restaurant.

The special get-together is held for people who can't be with their loved ones for the holiday.

"If you don't know anybody in the city, if you're young and you're here for work and all of your family lives somewhere else. you can't get away, you can't go home. it can be tough to find a place to be to celebrate the holiday," said Ben Zeidman, associate rabbi at Temple Emanu-El. "And Passover is one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays of the year. 

"I'm just excited to be here with the 20s and 30s Seder on the Lower East Side at Katz's Deli," said Carlie Daniels of Temple Emanu-El. "Something a little bit different, not what might people think of for Passover Seder."

Passover lasts eight days. 

Katz's seder included all of the rituals, including the re-telling of the biblical story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt.