A Manhattan man says he was attacked by a pack of baby squirrels.

The man's daughter-in-law says the attack took place at the East River Houses in East Harlem. 

The 89-year-old man was scratched and bitten by the squirrels. 

The squirrels seemed to have chewed through a window screen and entered the apartment. 

"My father-in-law called us to tell me that his telephone, his TV was out. So we came by to fix his TV. While we're trying to fix his television he says to me, 'Oh, oh by the way, I had a fight,' and I'm thinking that somebody attacked him from outside and I'm like, 'What? What happened?' He said, 'No, I had a fight with a squirrel' and I'm like, 'With a squirrel?' And I'm thinking maybe still maybe it's outside and he said, 'No, they had babies in this couch that's why the couch is out in the hallway,' and I went to pull the babies out cause I seen the babies and the mother or whatever came out and attacked him," says Beverly Pabon, the man's daughter-in-law.

The man was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital where he was given a tetanus shot and released. 

The New York City Housing Authority says they will send out an exterminator next week.