Candy and costumes are always Halloween staples. But while chocolate may be a favorite for humans, for dogs, it can be really dangerous.

Veterinarian Dr. Jonathan Grindley from Veterinary Emergency Group, joined “News All Day” to speak on how to protect pets this holiday weekend. Gridley also brought along an adorable dog named “Boo” who sported her best flamingo costume.

Grindley says that chocolate has a couple of agents that are harmful to dogs, including caffeine. Raisins can also be dangerous.

Signs that your dog may have eaten something bad include anxiety, panting, shaking and vomiting.

When it comes to dressing up your pet, Grindley suggests trying the costume on in advance to help ensure they’re not anxious in it. It’s also important to make sure the costume doesn’t cause the animal to overheat.

For those of you looking to help pets in need, the second annual VEG Cares 5K happens this Saturday at Manhattanville College. Costumes are encouraged. For more information, go to VEG.VET.