The 2020 election has proven to be a milestone year for women in politics with the election of Kamala Harris as vice president and more women elected to Congress than ever before.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul told NY1 she is looking forward to hearing women’s voices on issues like childcare, education and jobs.

She described her feelings on Harris’ win as “pure elation.”

“Just to see a woman now taking her rightful place in a national position, national office, that was extraordinary,” said Harris.

Hochul said Harris has the “opportunity to focus on electing more women and to talk to women entrepreneurs and to inspire women to go into the nontraditional field, like technology or construction trade.”

Hochul said these have been some of her own focuses in her position.

“I know what it’s like to be the only woman in a room. And to have these people talking over you and thinking you don’t matter. That’s been most of my career as an elected official for over 25 years,” said Hochul.

“So it makes you tougher but it also makes you want to reach a hand back for the next generation of young women and engage them so they want to participate as well,” she continued.

As far as advice for the vice president-elect, Hochul said having a cohesive message is important She also said consistency will help avoid confusion.

Hochul also commented on the state of the pandemic, saying if national leaders had set guidelines earlier on, things could have been different.

“The idea that they’re now finally having mask mandates in some of these states — it’s almost Thanksgiving — where have you been,” she said.

“If we had had leadership in Washington, and if Donald Trump had put on a mask back in March and told everybody that this is a patriotic duty that you have to protect to save lives in America, we could’ve averted all this,” said Hochul.

She said this could have prevented the “extraordinarily high numbers” seen in other states.

Hochul added that it is all up to New Yorkers on whether or not there will be a broader lockdown in the state.

“Thanksgiving is going to be crucial," she said, urging people to spend the holiday only with those in their household.