NEW YORK - No matter how you were trying to get around on Monday, the severe flooding made things difficult.

But as in many tough situations, there are often New Yorkers who decide to take matters into their own hands.

Brooklyn photographer Daphne Youree got out of her car, waded into a flooded roadway, and used a nearby orange cone to sweep debris away from the blocked drains.

Now some people are calling her "the Highway Hero" after her video went viral.

The incident took place on the Long Island Expressway, near Exit 25 by Utica Parkway.

At one point Monday night, all lanes on the LIE in that area were closed due to the flooding.

"There were two random orange cones on the highway. All the cars were blocked - we stopped, I mean the highway totally stopped, and I...a bunch of people were standing around and said we should probably clear this grate and I said sure," Youree said.

Youree was praised by many for her actions including council speaker Corey Johnson.

She said the water drained just five or ten minutes after she cleared the debris.