NEW YORK - You’re a real New Yorker. So tell us — what’s in an egg cream?

It's a drink cooked up in a city of teaming tenements and stickball games in the street, made famous in the Brooklyn soda fountains of yore. But what exactly is in an egg cream?

Eggs and cream, right? Nope. Neither.

The egg cream has three core ingredients: milk, carbonated water and flavored syrup  — usually chocolate or vanilla. And don’t confuse the egg cream with another classic — the ice cream float — a drink much truer to its name. There’s nothing frozen in an egg cream. 

Gem Spa, which has been open for nearly a century on the Lower East Side, is the kind of place where you can still find the olde timey drink. It even boasts "New York's Best Egg Cream" on the awning outside the store.