On February 26, the city will hold a Special Election for Public Advocate.

Ten candidates have qualified to participate in NY1's Public Advocate debates.

One of the candidates, Nomiki Konst, an investigative journalist spoke with "Mornings on 1" Thursday.

As Public Advocate, she says she will fight to increase the minimum wage to $30 an hour by the end of 2020.

She says she will fight for a single payer health care plan, and housing for every New Yorker.

"It's the developers who have been buying off our lawmakers. You look at the City Council, 90 percent progressive. It's that 10 percent. It's the money they are taking from developers which is deciding whether of not a longtime resident has been evicted from their home, whether or not a neighborhood is being rezoned, whether or not we have the money for affordable housing, and to improve NYCHA and the MTA," Konst said.

NY1's first debate will take place February 6 at the CUNY Television Studios in conjunction with the city’s Campaign Finance Board, Politico New York, and several other co-sponsors.