It’s the gym that’s packing a punch: Both in the workout studio and on social media.

Rumble is the boxing-centric gym where your high-caliber workout is matched with high quality aesthetics perfect for Instagram.

But don’t be fooled by the picture-perfect setting.

Each workout is tough and rooted in authenticity.

"We wanted to make a space our customers that we ourselves would want to talk about, to share especially in social media heavy generation....That’s your best marketing. You can’t articulate your brand like the consumer does. Anybody can give you a great workout. There are a lot of great workouts. And there’s a lot of great efficient workouts. But you want to bring that fun-factor in so it doesn’t just become an add-on to somebody’s life; it becomes an integral part that people look forward to."

Noah Neiman is one of the trainers and co-owners of Rumble.

He’s also a social media influencer, whose posts have help build his personal brand.

"You have people with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people watching, wanting to know what products they use, what gyms their going to, what cars they’re driving, what clothes they’re wearing. So it opens you up to a lot of brands that want to capture your audience," Neiman said.

The business minds behind Rumble saw something in this social media connection… so they decided to help channel some of that online influence.

They’ve teamed up with mega-manager Scooter Braun to create the first talent agency for trainers.

"The opportunities that our trainers are getting because they are the trainers at Rumble that everybody loves, is amazing. So they need representation in order to expand what we call their own personal franchises. And their personal franchises are an amazing part because it interacts with how Rumble does as a business and also how did they do as individuals," Co-founder Andy Stenzler said.

The brand is booming. What started out as one New York City gym has turned into three in the city and one in L.A. There are plans for 19 more next year.

And if you can’t make it to one of the brick and mortar locations, their new venture is designed to compete with the at-home workout businesses like Peloton.

"You’ll be able to do our business with no equipment and you’ll be able to do it with a home gym worth of equipment and everything in between," Stenzler added.

Rumble wants to disrupt the field and elevate the workout ecosystem - at the gym, at home and on social media.